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Indicta partners with ProjectReady

Indica is excited to announce a partnership with Project Ready.

This partnership allows Indicta and Project ready to offer clients, projects tools, processes and support that will advance their projects data innovation.

For more details and full press release see link:

ProjectReady (

Reach out to Indicta & Project Ready to transcend your projects today!

Indicta Partners with ProjectReady

Fun Fact:

World’s Hardest Puzzles

We are basing this winner on own experience, but we have never been more frustrated than with a 5 Thunderbolt Stave Trick Puzzle. There are probably other jigsaw puzzles that are hard, but when it comes to a puzzle that can go together in myriad of ways and you really don’t know if you are on the right path or not you would be hard pressed to find a harder one. In fact, when Stave introduced a puzzle called Olivia a few years back. There was a $10,000 prize if someone could solve it within a certain amount of time at a puzzle convention. Several true Stave puzzle solving experts tried and nobody was able to complete it by the time limit, so just more proof of how hard it really is!!

credit for info:

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