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Document Management

Document Management on projects can be overwhelming, with all the documents and processes in parallel.


Indicta Ltd. collaborates with your teams to review and automate business processes (Non Conformance (NCR), Corrective Action (CAR), Request For Information (RFI), Change Management (CM), Workflows, Handover and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to name a few).

Indicta Ltd. provides strategic reviews of business processes, identifies gap analysis and equips your teams with systematic ways to utilize processes to their fullest.

Information Management & Strategic Process

Team up with Indicta Ltd. to establish Architectures, Structures, Ontologies and  implementations for all  data types.


Indicta Ltd. ensures details are simple, lean, seamless and handled in a timely manner with all Stakeholders.


Results driven, Goal oriented = Return On Investments.


With Indicta Ltd., you can trust that your information and data in the right hands.

Concepts & Configurations

Indicta Ltd. collaborates with your teams to capture current business processes and evolve those practises utilizing new digital concepts.  

Free your change management from Controls silos and intergreated across the team.

Refresh and renew practices to increase your companies productivity with end to end process mapping.

Knowledge Management

Let Indicta Ltd. infuse your team process with a clear understanding of the bigger picture more than just processes.


This allows individual employees to truly understand how their efforts help the organization reach its overarching goals. 

Indicta Ltd will harness your companies knowledge, and channel it in a way that allows your organization and your customers to flourish. 

Setup And Migration

Is your team sinking in data?  Indicta Ltd. can assist with setup of data processes. Call us today to get started.


Migrations from system to system and setup can be challenging duplication of data and naming/renaming standards overwhelming. Let  Indicta Ltd. gather the data and provide taxonomy, nomenclature providing for a smooth migration. 

No resources to execute? 

No worries, contact Indicta Ltd we would be glad to help your team  across the finish line.

Training and Support

Indicta Ltd. can enhance your teams knowledge of Information, Document and Records Management systems and practices through training and presentations.  Extensive Document Management experience can be applied to your projects through training your teams, developing written processes and system training.

Indicta Ltd. offers all Clients and Customers exceptional support.

Indicta's support services are designed with your Company's Projects and Teams performance in mind, enhancing your businesses productivity, seamlessly.

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Integrating Your Ecosystems 

As companies expand systems and processes their data often becomes siloed resulting in data chaos.
Indicta understands data silos and collaborates with your teams to identify, communicate and streamline with solutions to assist.

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